Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ron Silliman Dream #37: Thru The Tulip Field

artist rendition of Ron and Me

We're in a bath together.

I can't tell if I'm male or female.

The water's all smudged up with dead floating mosquitoes and rust's dripping into the tub relentlessly.

I'm getting close to climax and I'm staring out the glittering window where a cold white horse's prancing around in the iron sunlight. But it's too much! It's just way too much.

So, I look back into Ron's eye and it's hollowed out, like it's a cartoon: a roach darting back and forth. "This orgasm's just not happening," I think, trying to focus on the roach, as if this will lift me up into a perfect and holy realm where I can see everything truthfully and compassionately.

Now we're in a big, fancy, cathedral-like mall, next to a skating rink, and Ron's turned into a green, bronze statue with a pretty decent sized penis.

The mosquitoes are rising up around us now in a thickening cloud-mass and we're in a public bathroom standing next to each other pissing.

A small girl, maybe 7 or 8, walks up to and grabs Ron's penis.

And she tugs on it and starts giggling.

I'm chasing Ron naked through a tulip field.

artist rendition of Ron and Me

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